Ring RSP150 Solar Power Trickle Battery Charger - Ring RSP150

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 Solar Power Trickle Battery Charger

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Solar Power Trickle Battery Charger - Ring RSP150

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The NEW Ring RSP150 Solar Powered Trickle Charger gives your battery, top up charging for Free.

Modern vehicles are crammed full of sophisticated electronics that constantly draw power from the battery, even when at rest.

The constant draw combined with long periods of inactivity can lead to a battery running flat.
Many motorists have often been left frustrated and stranded when they come home from holiday only to find that their car will not start due to a flat battery.

Help is at hand, with Ring Automotive's 12v Solar Power Trickle charger / battery conditioner, the Ring RSP150.

The RSP150 will trickle up to 100mA of charge into a vehicle battery using the power of day light.

Simply plug the charger into the vehicle's 12v cigarette socket and position the solar panel onto the dash board for optimum charging. With 2.5 metres of lead the charger can be placed in the best position for maximum light.

The Solar Charger can also be connected direct to the battery via a set of crocodile clips.
Combined with the weather proof design the charger can be used outdoors to charge leisure batteries and marine batteries.

The charger is equipped with a flashing LED indicator to let you know that the charger is charging the battery. Here are some of the key product features:-

- 12 volt, 1.5 watt solar powered battery maintainer for car and leisure batteries.
- Complete with suction cups (for windscreen mounting).
- LED charge indicator.
- 12V DC power plug, battery clips and 2.7 metre lead.
- Can be left connected overnight

A unique and new car accessory ideal for the modern cars, and older vintage cars to ensure your battery is perfectly conditioned even after periods on non use.

Brand: Ring Automotive