Bmw 3 series 1996 to 2001 Philips Vision Care Spare Car Bulbs Kit - H7 Kit

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Bmw 3 series 1996 to 2001 Philips Vision Care Spare Car Bulbs Kit - H7 Kit

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Available for Bmw 3 series 1996 to 2001 in h7-kit fitting, the Philips Vision Care Spare Bulbs Kit is essential for travelling in the UK and Europe.

The carrying of a spare car bulbs kit is mandatory in certain parts of Europe, including France, the Netherlands, and Spain, and is recommended in all other European countries.

Make sure that you can replace a worn out car light bulb immediately during the course of a journey to ensure that you arrive safely at your destination without having to stop at a garage.

The Philips VisionCare Spare Car Bulb set, not only contains a collection of the most important bulbs for your car, (Headlight Bulb, Brake Light, Indicator Light, Side Light), but also a listing of the emergency phone numbers for all European countries.

Choosing Philips means you are assured of original equipment quality bulbs, to the same high quality that your car manufacturer recommends.

The VisionCare range from Philips offers a high quality spare bulb and fuse kit in a compact, practical case. The Spare Bulbs Set includes:

1 x Headlight bulb (H1, H4, or H7)
1 x 382 (P21W) bulb
1 x 380 (P21/5W) bulb
1 x 581 (PY21W) bulb
1 x 501 (W5W) bulb
1 x 10A fuse
1 x 15A fuse
1 x 20A fuse

Supplied in kits with H1 (448), H4 (472), or H7 (499) headlamp bulbs.

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Brand: Philips