Kumho KW17 Winter Cold Weather Tyres

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Kumho KW17 Winter Cold Weather Tyres

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Kumho KW17 Winter Cold Weather Tyres
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The Kumho KW17 Winter Tyre has a directional tread pattern to give the tyre outstanding aquaplaning resistance.

Additional design features, such as 3D-sipes, deliver extra grip on snow-covered and icy surfaces. A new generation silica tread compound for optimized tread wear and precise handling on wet and dry roads, make this tyre one of Kumho's best yet.

Available in a range of sizes and T, H and V speed ratings, these tyres are also marked with M+S and snowflake sidewall markings.

Winter Tyres are specifically designed and manufactured to operate at lower temperatures than normal road tyres. They often have a more 'aggressive' tread pattern, to cope with driving through snow and ice.

Winter tyres can be used during all types of poor weather (heavy rain, mud and slush) to help give you greater traction and better control. The rubber compound of a Winter Tyre is designed specifically to work in temperatures under 10 degrees C, where a more tradional summer tyre would fail due the tyre compund actually 'freezing' meaning that its flexability is severely reduced thus making it almost useless in poor weather conditions.

Many people keep 2 sets of wheels and tyres, 1 set with 'normal' tyres for the spring/summer months and a second set with Winter Tyres on (these are normally steel wheels, as you wouldn't salt and grit from the roads to corrode your nice wheels!).

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Brand: Kumho