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Philips and Osram bulbs top in Auto Express Test


Auto Express Magazine has undertaken Britain's biggest ever autobulbs test... comparing 40 top headlight bulbs on the market. The test compared a range of H1 and H7 single filament bulbs and found the best buy's in the Standard, Blue, +30% and +50% categories. Here are the results:-

H1 Bulbs
Standard - Powertrain
Blue - Philips Blue Vision
+30% - Halfords Brilliance
+50% - Philips Visionplus

H7 Bulbs
Standard - Unipart Autobulb
Blue - Philips Blue Vision
+30% - Philips Premium
+50% - Osram Silverstar

In summary Auto Express comment "The best bulbs have Philips and Osram on the baseplate.."

Care4car is an approved supplier of Philips and Osram car bulbs, and mentioned in the Auto Express bulbs test. We stock the full range of Auto Express Best Buy's via our online store with free next day delivery.. to see our range, click on the link to our Xenon Bulbs page.

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