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New Textile Snow and Ice Tyre Socks now in stock


Get ready for the Snow this Winter with our new range of Textile Snow and Ice Tyre socks.

These Tyre socks are fitted in seconds, and combine the benefits of Snow Chains without the hassle, and are ideal for our UK roads. The Tyre socks are an ideal Emergency product to carry in your car this winter and are designed to get you out of tricky situations on driveways and untreated roads.

The Tyre socks are reusable again and again and are also washable.

Care4car now has good stock of most tyre sizes. We have priced them in 3 simple categories:-

Size 1 £72.99
13" - 14" wheels eg: 195/80/14

Size 2 £76.99
15" - 16" wheels eg: 205/55/16

Size 3 £79.99
17" - 19" wheels eg: 225/45/17

We recommend to buy early to avoid delay!

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