Continental Compressor and Tyre Sealant Kit - Compressor and Tyre Sealant kit

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Continental - Compressor and Tyre Sealant kit

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Only £ 58.95 including VAT and Free UK Delivery
  • Continental Original Equipment.
  • Available as a Compressor and Sealant Kit, or just the spare 450ml Sealant Cartridge.
  • Excellent value for money compared with Main Car Dealer prices.


Available in Compressor and Tyre Sealant kit fitting, the New Continental Conti Mobility Compressor and Tyre Sealant Kit is the handy breakdown kit for car drivers that quickly and reliably restores mobility in the case of a tyre puncture.

Made by Continental Tyres, the Kit seals and repairs tyre punctures quickly and easily at the touch of a button. Ideal for cars and vans not fitted with a standard spare wheel and tyre, the Continental ContiMobility Kit is essential in an emergency to repair a puncture at the side of a road with speed and ease.

The Conti Mobility Comfort Kit is ideal to repair all types of puncture, especially from nails and thorns, and comes complete with a 12 volt compressor and liquid sealant, all neatly packed for easy storage in your car boot.

The 12 volt compressor has a backlit display and illuminated tyre pressure gauge to assist you in dark and unlit conditions. The design is simple and easy to use with simple instructions provided.

Having the Continental Conti Mobility Kit on board will mean that you will no longer require a spare wheel and tyre, so saving you up to 18kg weight and saving you much needed boot space.

The Dimensions for the Continental Conti-Mobility Kit are: 180 x 249 x 95 mm, and only 2.3kg in weight.

Available as:-

- Compressor and Tyre Sealant Kit £58.95.
- Extra 450ml Sealant cartridge £28.95.

The Continental 450ml Tyre Sealant is suitable for use with the Conti-Mobility Kit fitted as standard to Ford, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Nissan, Renault and Infiniti vehicles.

Tyre Sealant Expiry date: 02/2029.

Brand: Continental

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