Smartwax Detail Smart Detailing Spray - 473ml Bottle

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Smartwax Detail Smart Detailing Spray - 473ml Bottle

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Smartwax Detail Smart Detailing Spray, is the quick detailer and gloss enhancer for your car.

A spray-and-wipe wax product that restores a just-waxed, deep, wet-looking shine to your car's paint, trim and glass in a matter of minutes. The specialised ingredients in Smart Detail Instant Wax Spray deliver exceptional lubrication for safe wiping. It is also an eco-friendly waterless car cleaning product for cars that have light to moderate road grime.

Here are some of the benefits of Smart Detail:-

- Restores a deep, wet-look shine in seconds
- Quick shine & protection between waxes
- Great for maintaining that "just detailed" look
- Removes fingerprints, water spots, bird droppings & insects
- Fortified with polymers that form a protective barrier
- Simply mist and wipe for a perfectly detailed finish.

A single spray wipes away fingerprints, water spots, dust, and other harmful contaminants, leaving behind a rich, spectacular shine. Smartdetail can also be used as a surface lubricant for Smartclay.

Available as a 473ml spray bottle. Buy from Care4car with Free UK Delivery!!

Brand: Smartwax