AA Emergency Car Kit Gift Pack - Kit Pack

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AA Emergency Car Kit Gift Pack - Kit Pack

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AA Emergency Car Kit - Now this is what you call an Emergency Car Kit. The AA have really thought about this and that is why they have included:

1. A hazard warning triangle which is a legal requirement in most countries
2. Adults High Visibility Vest (EN 471 Approved)
3. First Aid Kit - Comprehensive Medium sized kit
4. 3.5 Meter Strap style tow rope tested to 2 tonnes
5. Single foot pump
6. Emergency Camera with flash and 12 exposures, handy for recording car accidents for Insurance purposes
7. Notepad and Pen
8. Tyre Pressure Gauge
9. Tyre Tread depth Gauge
10. Emergency Car Hammer for breaking car glass windows.

All of this is supplied in a zipped canvas bag with handles that has a strip of Velcro on the bottom to give a bit of grip on the boot carpet.

This AA Emergency Car Kit is ideal for European Driving Holidays, and is also an excellent car accessory gift.

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Brand: AA Publishing