Ford Ka 2009 on Philips Blue Vision Sidelight Bulbs - W5W twin pack

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Ford Ka 2009 on Philips Blue Vision Sidelight Bulbs

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Ford Ka 2009 on Philips Blue Vision Sidelight Bulbs - W5W twin pack

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Available for Ford Ka 2009 on in w5w-twin-pack fitting, philips Blue Vision xenon sidelight bulbs are the advanced styling solution from Philips Automotive Lighting.

Philips now has matching colour temperature xenon sidelight bulbs to match the xenon HID High Intensity Discharge headlamps fitted to many new cars.

- High colour temperature of light, 3300 Kelvin which replicates daylight.
- Xenon gas filling.
- UV coated bulbs are directly inter-changeable with standard sidelight bulbs.
- Produces a more natural light blue light.
- No more 'Yellow' looking side lights.
- Matches the colour of your Philips Blue Vision H1 H4 H7 bulbs or your HID xenon headlamps.
- Extended lifetime, twice as long as regular sidelight bulbs.
- Approved and road legal in the UK and Europe.

Available in T4W (233), W5W (501), and H6W (433) sidelight bulb fitments.

NEW for 2011, we are pleased to also offer the Philips Blue Vision LED W5W (501) sidelight bulbs. These LED bulbs are 6000 Kelvin, and last 6 times longer than standard bulbs. They are interchangeable with standard W5W bulbs, however, as they only consume 1 watt, they may not be compatible with all cars.

Philips Bluevision xenon sidelight bulbs are sold in a pack of 2.

Please use the bulb application guide, or contact us if you require advice on the correct bulb fitment for your car or motorbike.

Brand: Philips