Carpoint Seat Belt Clip Klunk Klip - Carpoint Belt Clip Twin Pack

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Carpoint Seat Belt Clip Klunk Klip

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Carpoint Seat Belt Clip Klunk Klip - Carpoint Belt Clip Twin Pack

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Available in Carpoint Belt Clip Twin Pack fitting, to replace the Klunk Klip made by Summit Accessories which is now discontinued, we are pleased to supply a similar product from Carpoint Europe Accessories.

The New Carpoint Belt Clip is the useful product which relieves seat belt discomfort. Ideal for modern cars fitted with locking seat belts and pretensioners in the front and rear, it eases the discomfort which can be caused by the seat belt rubbing across your chest and shoulders and can reduce damage to clothing.

Bumps in the road and vibrations can lead to the seat belt tightening resulting in discomfort, irritation, and claustrophobia. The Carpoint Belt Clip grips the belt to stop the pressure build up.. forward movement of the body will release the klip allowing the restraint system to operate normally.

Here is a summary of benefits:-

- Easy to use.
- Quick and easy to fit.
- Instant relief from seat belt tension.
- A must for long journeys.
- Maximum seat belt comfort.

The Belt Clips are not suitable if the seatbelt is mounted behind a plastic cover (see Carpoint seat belt stopper).

Available as a Twin Pack with 2 Belt Clips per pack.

Brand: Carpoint