Rain-X Rain Clear Repellent 200ml - 200ml Bottle

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Rain-X Rain Clear Repellent 200ml

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Rain-X Rain Clear Repellent 200ml - 200ml Bottle

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  • 200ml bottle.
  • Repels water and mist from the windscreen, and side a rear glass.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Recommended by Auto Express and Autocar.


Available in 200ml Bottle fitting, tried and Tested, and still the market leader, Rain-X Rain Repellent disperses rain and mist, to extend your field of vision clear, for safer driving on wet and misty days.

RainX as well as being the market leader with an excellent reputation, is also recommended by Auto Express and AutoCar Magazine.

Auto Express comment..

"Still the biggest name in this sector of the market, and there's not a lot wrong with the way its revised formula works. Throughout our four-week assessment, it was right up there with the fastest water shifters. Achieving a shine on the glass was easy, too.."

Rain-X Rain Repellent is a liquid which you wipe on to the glass surface and forms a microscopic layer that repels rain, sleet and snow. Rain drops simply 'bead up' and are blown away by the airflow generated by driving. Rain-X dramatically improves visibility, safety and driving comfort..

Rain X is ideal for all exterior glass protection: front windscreen, side and rear windows and rear view mirrors..

RainX is also ideal on Motorcycle helmet visors and for use in Marine applications i.e Boat windscreens, and in Motorsport applications.

Pack Size: 200ml

Brand: RainX