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Ring Xenon Max - 100% more light and road legal!!


Care4car is pleased to sell the highly publicised and acclaimed Ring Xenon Max Headlight Bulbs.

Offering 100% more light, Ring Xenon Max is 100% Road Legal.

Ring Xenon Max Headlight Bulbs are available in Twin Packs and produce a much whiter more intense light compared with standard bulbs. Road Signs will be clearly lit up even far in the distance.

Ring has embarked on a massive Publicity campaign to promote the massive extra performance you gain from fitting these bulbs. You can see Ring Xenon Max on Dave TV Channel, Auto Express, What Car? and Which! magazine.

Now available from Care4car with free delivery and prices from 21.99 for H1, H3 and H4 (H7, H11 and HB3 / HB4 also available).

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