Textile Snow Ice Tyre Socks

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Textile Snow Ice Tyre Socks

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Textile Snow Ice Tyre Socks

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Our Textile Fix and Go Snow and Ice Tyre Socks are the New, Easy, and Value for Money alternative to Snow Chains.

The Textile Tyre Socks are very easy to fit - you just slip them over the driving wheels when you find yourself getting stuck on snow and ice.

Our Textile Snow and Ice Socks weighs less than 1kg and take up minimal space. They are packed in a PAIR and it is sensible to keep them with the spare wheel, always ready for use.

The Tyre Snow Socks are very Robust and they're reusable and washable again and again, providing value for money for years to come. This design of Tyre Sock provides an ideal "Get me Home" solution. They are developed in Europe and approved by the TUV in Germany, but ideal for the UK where we have the odd day of freak icy weather and sudden snow falls. They are an excellent alternative to Snow Tyres or Snow Chains, which are rarely necessary in the UK. The Textile Tyre Sock is also suitable for use with cars fitted with ABS and Traction Control Systems.

Fitting could hardly be simpler and Takes only 2 Minutes! Stop the vehicle and apply the handbrake. Fit the Tyre Sock to the driving wheels of the car, move the vehicle approximately 1 metre and put the remainder of each 'Sock' into position. The Zip Up Pack also comes with a pair of Gloves for dirt and injury free installation.

Available in 3 categories to suit, most makes of Car, and SUV models:-

Size 1
13" - 14" wheels eg: 195/80/14

Size 2
15" - 16" wheels eg: 205/55/16

Size 3
17" - 19" wheels eg: 225/45/17


Supplied as a PAIR of Tyre Socks. Our price includes VAT and Free UK Delivery.

Brand: Goodyear